Siding and Window Systems

Help Protect What's inside while Keeping Your Home Beautiful on the Outside

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Time to Update or Repair Your Home's Exterior?

If you want siding that is durable, looks great, and is virtually maintenance free, talk to Schmucker’s. We’ll help you protect your home by installing superior siding materials.

If your siding is damaged, fading, or malfunctioning in any way, the siding specialists at Schmucker’s will quickly mitigate damage, assess the problem, and fix it.

Our new siding installations stand up to wind, rain, hail, and minor impacts from airborne debris. Keep your home safe and energy efficient by adding modern siding material by Schmucker’s

Proper Siding Installation is Critical

If you decide to get new siding, installation is just important as the quality of the product. Improperly installed siding can cause problems for homeowners, resulting in expensive repairs.

About Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding not only stands up well to Northeastern Ohio’s rough weather, it also enhances the appearance of your home significantly. Schmucker’s will create the look you desire with our wide range of siding products available in many different colors and styles. Vinyl siding not only saves you the trouble of having to repaint your house every few years, but it’s also less expensive than other siding options. It’s simple to keep clean with just some soap and water or a gentle solvent dispensed from a garden hose attachment.

A barn with a brand new Schmucker's roof.

Let Schmucker's Transform Your Home with New Windows

Count on Schmucker’s for the finest in window products and installation services throughout Northeastern Ohio. Imagine replacing your old, drafty, and impossible to open windows with efficient new windows, screens and child-resistant safety locks. Let Schmucker’s beautify and protect your home with a brand new window system.

Not only do new windows by Schmucker’s look great, they’re energy-efficient and better insulate your home interior from outside noise. You’ll notice an immediate impact on your energy bills.

Signs that You Need Your Windows Replaced

Damaged or Broken Windows

Sometimes windows can be fixed with a simple repair, but it's important to know when to replace windows versus repeated repairs. Consistently foggy windows, drafts, windows that won't stay open or stubbornly remain stuck in a closed position are signs that the life of your windows is reaching an end.

Replacing old windows. Window installation
Window installation on a home.

Renovate or Start from Scratch?

If you're building a new home, you obviously will need windows! Call the team at Schmucker's to provide you with great quality installation services. If you plan on renovating your home, don't forget to give proper attention to your windows.

Do you qualify for a NEW Roof?

Schmucker's Looks out for Their Clients!

Schmucker’s cares about your total satisfaction and applies superior skills to accomplish outstanding results. Whether you need roof repair or replacement, siding, windows, or gutters, Schmucker’s is your source for unparalleled quality and customer care.